During the three musical seasons as Chief Conductor and Music Director of the Orquesta de Córdoba, 2001-2004, the conductor Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano succeeded in raising the interest, confidence and support of the audience of Córdoba towards their orchestra to an unprecedented level.

Ramos Triano increased by 150% the scarce 200 season tickets she was faced with on arrival, to the 520 enthusiastic ticket holders who filled the theatre during her third year with the orchestra.

Her programming was acclaimed by the musical press and considered one of the best at a national level. It was praised as innovative and original, a suggestive combination of less familiar scores - largely unknown to the audience - and contemporary compositions - mostly Spanish - together with the well-loved established repertoire. These were always grouped around a theme, a conducting musical thread, offering contrasts and similarities between old favourites and the avant-guard. This turned out to be an attractive formula for the audience and highly formative for the orchestra.

The main challenge was to get the music to open itself out to the town, and that the townsfolk assume the orchestra as something of their own. This is what Ramos Triano did with the Orquesta de Córdoba.

The public response to the activities carried out for the 10th anniversary was extraordinary. Built around the slogan ¿eXtrAÑOS? designed by Ramos Triano, the orchestra was made known to a new audience who eagerly took advantage of the musical offer.

Being elected Personality of the Year in the Cultural Ambience by the press is a clear sign of the admiration which her work with the Orquesta de Córdoba arose.

Ramos Triano toured Spain with the orchestra and success was assured in concert halls such as the National Auditorium in Madrid, the Musical Festival in Ayamonte, Huelva, or the Festival Palace in Santander.

Following, some press cuttings which show the due recognition awarded the work Ramos Triano carried out, in placing so high the musical reputation of the Orquesta de Córdoba.

“Firm and reliable is the baton of conductor Ramos Triano”

Córdoba June 2004

“Ramos Triano was magnificent in her interpretation of Dvorak’s 8th:

an unforgettable winding up of her three-year-stay as chief conductor of the Orquesta de Córdoba,

backed up by an important increase in season-ticket holders

and ever more audience coming into the concerts”

Córdoba June 2004


“…Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano,

one of the most intelligent orchestra conductors around

when it comes to programming concerts”

La Razón. April 2004



“Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano, Chief Conductor and Music Director of the Sinfónica de Córdoba,

made us feel secure at all times,

always knowing how to achieve a maximum of communication

and obtaining an excellent response from her orchestra”

ABC. March 2004


“A recreated Sibelius with a great expressive force,

full of vitality, ample phrasing and a compact sound”

Córdoba. March 2004


“An enrapturing Debussy, suggestive and voluptuous”

Córdoba. March 2004


“… an extraordinary success: acclaimed by the critics and the audience,

Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano headed the Orquesta de Córdoba

in The Congress of Contemporary Music of Seville”

Córdoba. February. 2004


“… that lucidity when it comes to programming is also a patrimony of this young woman from Tenerife, Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano, (who) as well as being a great Conductor knows what she is about when it comes to programming. What she does is the meaning of programming and whatever else is hot air and beating about the bush”

Scherzo Magazine. October 2003

“Last night Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano conducted the Orquesta de Córdoba.

This is her second year heading the Orchestra

and she has won the respect and support of the musicians of the orchestra”

Córdoba, June 2003

“…they say, it’s exciting.

You just have to walk into any concert of the Orquesta de Córdoba

to capture the atmosphere of generalized joy which reigns in the audience”

Mundo clásico, Internet. March 2003


“The Orquesta de Córdoba is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

The best birthday present has been a sensational 29% increase in season-ticket holders

in comparison to last year’s sales.

It’s certainly good news and reflects the great moment the Orchestra is enjoying

because of the serious work by Ramos Triano,

who day by day reveals her interesting artistic personality”

Mundo Clásico. March 2003

MENDELSSOHN  Scottish Symphony

"...in which Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano, with no baton or dais in front of her,

undertook with unrestrained impetus a fantastic recreation of this romantic score”

Mundo Clásico March 2003

"Under the baton of Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano, the Orquesta de Córdoba offered us

an enchanting evening from start to finish.

Ramos Triano is a Master Conductor"

Córdoba, March 2003



“The audience especially acclaimed to Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano,

the young Conductor of the Orquesta de Córdoba,

whose artistic career is developing in a spectacular way”

November 2002



“Her conducting is passionate, loquacious and expressive:

almost like dancing"

November 2002


“… under the reliable and vibrant baton of Maestro Ramos Triano,

we were presented with a brilliant performance, splendidly expressive,

with a memorable interpretation of Dvorak’s 9th symphony.

Full of vitality, lively contrasts a a great power of communication”

Córdoba, October 2002

“The magnificent New World Symphony revealed the extraordinary moment

which the Orquesta de Córdoba, led by the Titular Conductor Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano, is enjoying.

Ramos Triano, who had a great time with a composition she masters,

exhibited the maturity our orchestra has attained”

October 2002

“The start of a new music season in the Palacio de Festivales de Cantabria.

On stage the Orquesta de Córdoba gave us a more than good impression (…)

one of the most important orchestras in Spain (…)

the orchestra is in good health.

To this we must add the extremely good impression which the work of the Conductor

Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano has given us;

no doubt a rising value on the Spanish musical scene”

Santander, September 2002

“New World Symphony, exposed with macrostructural care and disposition of planes.

Ramos Triano had special interest in taking care of peculiar colouring which this work requires, recreated with depth and lyricism.

She put all her talent into it, her strength and her convincing expressivity.

The result was high standard and well rewarded”

Santander, September 2002



“The Orquesta de Córdoba was under the baton of its titular Ramos Triano,

a prodigy, as usual,

of dynamism, beauty and passion on stage”

July 2002

“Immense and impacting

was the Maestro Ramos Triano’s rendering of Verdi’s overture La Forza del Destino"

"... spirited and electrifying version (Beethoven’s 5th)”

Córdoba. June 2002

“A concert with soul”

"Excellent concert offered by the Orquesta de Córdoba,

under the expert baton of the young conductor Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano:

a good start with Mozart’s Haffner Symphony,

in which the conductor showed an amazing virtuosity”

Ritmo (musical magazine) May 2002

“Movingly beautiful was the version which the canarian Maestro offered us

of this marvelous music (Schubert’s Incomplete)

fundamentally because of the enchanting sonority and the orchestral coloring.

A sound which we in fact suspect is becoming a house brand of Orquesta de Códoba”

Mundo Clásico. Intenet. March 2002

“Grandiosity and mysticism” Poulenc. Gloria.

Cordoba. March 2002

“The lively expressiveness stamped on the composition by the temperamental conductor,

made the version of the Serenade for Strings by Tchaikovsky really impacting.

Splendid version.”

February 2002


“… give that touch of gracefulness and nobility which the scores of Johann Strauss require:

Ramos Triano and the orchestra achieved it in their well cared for performance.

With a supreme control of rhythm and changing tempi,

the phrasings very much in the Viennese style,

it was elegant, natural and expressive”

Córdoba January 2002



“Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano is a solvent and commanding Conductor,

with enormous talent and potential.

Her conducting is precise and she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it”

Córdoba, November 2001

“She demonstrated that she belongs to the very best on the musical scene. (…)

a concert charged with vitality, optimism and brilliance”

Córdoba October 2001

“Ramos Triano’s passionate strength and charisma filled the stage throughout the concert,

displaying an extraordinary vitality”

Córdoba. Octubre 2001

“Ramos Triano showed a very personal style throughout the evening. She treated the score with a clear concept of unity, searching for light sounds, clear and brilliant in Rossini, bringing to bear the careful preparatory work carried out”

October 2001


Concerto No. 4 for piano and orchestra

"Ramos Triano’s wise baton submerged slowly into the Andante con Motto, controlling the musical scheme with technique and knowledge of the principals of the composer, maintaining a just balance of sound in the dialogues between the piano and orchestra”

October 2001


for the Orquesta de Córdoba.

Ramos Triano, Music Director and Conductor

“A musical season full of attraction, programmed with good taste and balance”

October 2001


4th. Symphony

"… she rendered the musical score observing its internal coherency with an impressive impetus.

The liveliness of the tempi highlighted the rhythmical potential of the score

and assured a fluid narrative discourse.

The successful choice of sound and texture,

the accent on the contrasts – making the most of the dynamics – achieved sensations which ranged from the somber and desolate in the introduction of the first movement,

to the vitality and brilliance of the last, passing through the delicacy and expressiveness

– somewhat contained at the start of the adagio – of the most cantabile and legato moments …

the finishing flourish to a brilliant start of the season

and the new titular of the Orquesta de Córdoba”

October 2001